Learn more about Atemic.

What is Atemic?

Atemic is decentralized state for social knowledge.

What is Atem?

Atem is the fundamental unit of knowledge. Learn more about Atem.

Global State

An Atem exists by virtue of its participation in the global state machine. The totality of Atemic is the global state.

How does Atemic work?

Atemic is a highly efficient decentralized ledger implemented as a Directed Acyclic Graph. Another term sometimes used for this type of technology is Tangle. Awake has done a lot of work on a pre-Atemic version of the software for internal systems, the aim of the Atemic project is to make a new and free version available to the world.

#staytuned for more.


Atemic is an Awake Platform | Because Knowledge is Eating Data | [email protected]

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